A non-profit initiative of RIB Software Group
to deliver medical supplies
from China to the rest of the world, 
supporting communities in the fight against COVID-19
and saving lives. 

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Medical Supplies

RIB Care team is working around the clock to source the most essential medical supplies and deliver the requested items through our Blaue Luftbrücke air freight. Any hospital and medical institution around the world can register the request for needed items by filling the “Medical Supplies Request Form” in this website.  Once we get your registration, we will confirm with you through email and inform the following procedures and payment method. RIB Care will not charge any costs relating to sourcing, handling and last mile delivery incurred by the RIB Care team. 

Medical Supplies Request Form


Copy of ID/Driver License

* RIB does not deliver any goods to anybody who wants to resell.Reselling with a profit margin of our products is strictly forbidden and will be seen as breach of our agreement and will be announced to the public.

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